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About me

a woman wearing hiking gear, on the top of a snowy mountain

Photo: Sandra Woods

I’m a nature lover, someone who really enjoys wilderness activities and outdoor sports. My background and experience are in a branch of applied philosophy called bioethics, also called (bio)medical ethics. I also have a certification in privacy protection, which has become an important issue in healthcare, and am a former Air Force reserve officer.

Since March 2016 I’ve also been trying not to let a rare chronic pain disease interfere too much with my life. To say that’s difficult would be an understatement, despite the fact that I have a fairly good knowledge base in clinical (medical) research, healthcare, and patients’ rights. It’s called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), but its old name is still used; Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

I originally started blogging – about bioethics – back in 2007. Back then folks in healthcare ethics would ask me: “What’s a blob?” So when my blog hosting company closed a few years later, I stopped blogging; I’d lost a lot of the older posts.

Things have changed, and friends, tweeps, and almost-strangers asked me to start blogging again; so “BioethiCanada” is back. My plan is to post once a week or so, as I have a full-time job; don’t expect daily updates!

I’m still finding some of the older posts, across USB keys and even DVDs/CDs  (I started blogging long before cloud storage was available!), so don’t be surprised if older posts pop up from time to time.

Whether you visit for bioethics, privacy, chronic pain, or rare disease, I hope you enjoy the blog ‘-)