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Posted by on May 19, 2018 in Bioethics, CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

#CanadianPain18 is coming (19.05.2018)

#CanadianPain18 is coming (19.05.2018)

Next week (May 22-25, 2018)  I’ll be attending the Canadian Pain Society‘s (CSP) scientific meeting – or conference – as a patient. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow the whole conference at #CanadianPain18. There may also be some posts on Instagram, and other social media, if you don’t use Twitter.

the Patients Included logo

Image: Canadian Pain Society (#CdnPain18 agenda)

The CSP conference is a “Patients Included” event, so patients are involved with the conference – from its planning right through to the meeting itself. There will even be patients presenting, giving talks, during the scientific meeting!

This will be a strange experience for me, though. I’m used to attending conferences for biomedical ethics (bioethics) & healthcare policy – as a professional, not as a patient. So last May I was at Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS) conference. At the CBS 2018 annual conference, #CBS17, me and a few post-doctoral fellows & other (much younger than me!) attendees did a lot of spontaneous live-tweeting. It was a true grass-roots effort, because each of us wanted patients & others to be able to follow the conference – even if they couldn’t be there in person.

The theme of the #CBS17 conference was “Falling Through the Cracks: Equity, Ethics and the Challenges of Vulnerability“, so we each wanted to increase the accessibility of the conference – by using social media. Some also posted to Facebook, Instagram & other platforms; I stuck with Twitter. Because of a very painful neuro-inflammatory disease affecting my right hand & arm, I limited myself to 1 social media platform;  to avoid causing myself more pain than I could deal with at a conference.

Our grass-roots live-tweeting & social media sharing was very successful; we got some great feedback form patients, and also from physicians and others working in healthcare, who were happy to be able to follow the conference. And we were thanked by people from around the globe, not only from Canada. This year the Canadian Bioethics Society is organizing a “Social Media Team” for its annual conference, so they seem to have noticed all of the positive comments that our live-tweeting generated  ‘-)  But I’ll be missing the CBS conference this year; it’s the same week as the CPS conference, the one I’ll be attending – as a chronic pain/CRPS patient!

After I’d completed my patient registration, this year, for the Canadian Pain Society‘s (CSP) scientific meeting, I joined the #CanadianPain18 “Twitter Team”. I’ll be live-tweeting the event, as a patient representative. If you follow this blog for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), there will be a full session on this nasty disease at #CanadianPain18!:

“Mechanism-informed management for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”:


Symposium Abstract:
“There are a number of potential pathophysiological mechanisms proposed to play a role in the development and perpetuation of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This contributes to the variability seen in clinical presentation in this population. Given this variability, clinicians may be unsure what treatments would be most effective for individual clients. This symposium will present a critical synthesis of the literature, and propose a both a medical and rehabilitation version of a mechanism-specific management algorithm to guide personalized treatment of CRPS. Levels of evidence for the proposed treatments will be identified. The symposium will also discuss areas where the evidence is minimal and opportunities exist for further research to advance treatments around specific mechanisms. To further guide treatment decisions and support client satisfaction with care, clinicians also need to be able to link assessment findings to potential mechanisms, and measure the effectiveness of tailored treatment. We will therefore also discuss optimal outcome measures to measure treatment effectiveness from a mechanistic approach. Finally, we will discuss how this links to the newly proposed core outcome measurement set proposed by the CRPS special interest group of the International Association for the Study of Pain.”

Stay tuned for conference highlights! I’ll write a few posts after the Canadian Pain Society scientific meeting- once I’ve had a chance to recover from it!

The agenda for the #CanadianPain18 conference, and other information, is available here:

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