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Posted by on Feb 20, 2019 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Caught off guard (20.02.2019)

Caught off guard (20.02.2019)

This morning I was caught off guard, in a funny kind of way. I’m back at the hospital again, as a patient. At this point in my chronic pain & rare disease odyssey, I have appointments here on a more or less weekly basis.

Instead of heading right to the clinic at which I’m usually treated, this morning I stopped for blood tests in a different area of this large university hospital.

Leaving the testing centre, I put my winter jacket and my small backpack onto a chair in the hallway; just outside the door. When I turned around, after putting on my backpack, I realized that I was standing right in front of a photo that I’d taken!

Art works on display in a hospital's main hallway

Photo: Sandra Woods

It’s the one of the yellow flowers at dawn, taken in one of my gardens. These paintings & photos are part of an art exposition, within the hospital centre community; administrative staff, caregivers, medical students and other trainees, nurses, patients, physicians, researchers, therapists.

It was open to everyone involved with any of the university’s many hospitals, healthcare & health science schools, and research institutes. And I still can’t believe that the jury selected mine! You can read more about the Journeys through Health art exhibition.

It was the first time that I’ve been to the laboratory testing centre here, so I hadn’t realized that this art gallery-style wall was right outside its door.

I’m still smiling, about being caught off guard by a photo of my own garden! In a hospital…

A woman wearing a dynamic splint on her right hand

Photo: Sandra Woods


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