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Posted by on Dec 25, 2017 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Christmas challenge gifts (25.12.2017)

Christmas challenge gifts (25.12.2017)

Merry Christmas, everyone! And if you don’t celebrate this particular holiday, then happy holidays – for both New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day ,-)  Wishing you & your loved ones a lovely New Year; happiness, good health, with many moments of laughter & joy throughout!

A Christmas tree ornament with the logo of the Montréal Canadiens hockey team

Photo: Sandra Woods


This post is about the types of gifts that my physiotherapist (CR) and I inadvertently exchanged for Christmas; I don’t open any gifts until the morning of the 25th, so didn’t know – until today – what he had gotten for me…

First off, a bit of history. CR has been intensively treating my for CRPS (see Code breaking – A diagnosis for information about this rare neuro-inflammatory disease) for quite a while now; 3 times a week for more than a year, and twice a week for the past month or so. These are one-hour sessions, and we chat the entire time. Except when he pushes me to the point at which I literally can’t speak due to pain; he does M&M physiotherapy, to break the adhesions in each of my finger joints & wrist, and to increase my range of motion using methods which I’m unable to use on myself.

During the time he’s been treating me, we’ve talked about bioethics (also called medical ethics; my field!), commitment, cooking, family, health literacy (and the volume of appalling health information available on-line!), houses, marriage, sports, travel, and just about everything in between.

My husband and I have been together for 25 years now, but CR is just starting out. Since he started treating me; he met the woman of his dreams, planned special dates & an anniversary surprise, and most recently set up a very detailed – surprise – proposal.

Photo of a set of baking dishes

He and his love are now planning both their wedding and the purchase of a new home, where they’ll live together after their marriage.

He’s living alone and is always looking for good – easy & healthy – recipes, so I’ve shared many of my recipes with him. But whenever I gave him a recipe for muffins, cookies, or quick breads – any baking recipes, really – he’d hem and haw about whether he’d make them… it took a while, but I finally asked why.

It turns out that he didn’t have muffin tins, cookie sheets, or any of the baking pans that I’d assumed he had at home. So my Christmas gift to him this year was a nice set of baking dishes; and I’ll be challenging him throughout the year to try baking different recipes ‘-)

Photo of a hand-made wooden game

Photo: Sandra Woods

And his gift to me? He’d told me that he’d taken his love to a large Christmas market, with many original gift items made by local artisans. He gave me this gorgeous hand-made puzzle; you have to move the 3 silver balls from the outer edge of the maze into the center of the puzzle. It’s much harder than it looks!

So we each gifted each other with challenges that will continue on into 2018! For him it will be baking, while for me it will be using a new game to try to improve the fine motor control of my CRPS-affected hand. I’ve already decided to use only using my right hand to do this puzzle…

We inadvertently gave each other challenge gifts, for Christmas. As CR might say; that just proves that we’re both very intelligent and caring people!

Thanks CR, it’s the perfect gift ‘-) All the best!

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