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Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Creativity & CRPS month (07.11.2018)

Creativity & CRPS month (07.11.2018)

I won’t be blogging on each day of CRPS Awareness Month, but wanted to share a few more of the images I’ve created for this awareness campaign.

These are my own photos, taken using a smartphone – with only 1 hand. Because I can’t use my right much anymore, due to CRPS. And, of course, I’m right-handed!

Before being struck with this disease, in early 2016, I used to love making things; expressing my creative or artistic side.

Even food! So instead of just baking cakes or cupcakes from scratch, I’d also decorate them elaborately. I’d take a regular cake recipe, adjust the ingredient quantities to make more batter, and transform it to a 3 layered cake.

Then decorate the home-made frosting with handmade chocolate designs, or candy ‘jewels’. And make fancy cupcakes, with themed designs. All of my husband’s favourites – along with my friends’ & family’s – were Halloween cupcakes ,-)

And drawing, embroidery, gardening & garden design, greeting cards with hand-made embellishments, hand-stamped or stenciled wrapping paper, home-made holiday decorations, nature photography, scrapbooking, sewing, even woodworking!

CRPS is a very painful neuro-inflammatory disease, affecting primarily the limbs; a hand & arm, a foot & leg. Or both, all 4, or 3. It usually starts in the tips of the fingers or toes, and then spreads up the limb. It can also spread to the internal organs.

In a way, I’ve been lucky; so far my CRPS hasn’t spread any further up my arm than it did during the first 3 months. So the diseased area of my arm, for now, is from my fingertips to before my elbow.

But I’ve more or less lost the use of my right hand. And that means I haven’t been able to do any of creative activities that I used to love.

So a while ago I started applying my principles of photography to taking smartphones pics, with one hand. And then using these pics as attachments in my disease awareness messages on social media, including Instagram and Twitter.

The feedback on these pics was fantastic, so I decided – a few months ago – to plan a series of more elaborate images for 2 upcoming awareness campaigns:

  1. CRPS Orange Day on November 5, 2018 (flame orange is the colour for this disease,  known for burning neuropathic pain) = #CRPSorangeDay
  2. CRPS Awareness Month during the full month = #CRPSAwarenessMonth

So the images I created are personal; they’re my own pics, and I’ve planned them out the same way I’d lay out a craft project or a garden design. The same design concepts, taking into account colour, placement, angles…

Here are just a few!

To find out more about Complex  Regional  Pain Syndrome, read Quick facts for CRPS day.

a cup of coffee with a flame design in the milk foam

Photo: Sandra Woods







A bonfire and the words CRPS feels like burning pain

Photo: Sandra Woods







many different types of medication capsules

Photo: Sandra Woods






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