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Posted by on Aug 15, 2017 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Dissatisfaction; a form (15.08.2017)

Dissatisfaction; a form (15.08.2017)

It’s done. Earlier today I finally submitted a Service Quality and Complaints Commission Dissatisfaction Form, to the hospital where the diagnosis of my disease was delayed by almost 3 months. Why was it delayed? Because – in my view – a specialist physician ignored its signs and symptoms for that long. Ignored me, as a patient. You can read the post Betrayal for the details.

excerpt of a brochure on how to file a patient complaintAccording to the brochure I picked up at the hospital, and the information on the government’s website, I should hear from them within 45 days. So now I wait.

[If you’re not in Canada, you may be wondering why the information’s on a government website. Hospitals here are run by the government, at a provincial level. So any complaint against a hospital is, in some ways, a complaint against a government service.]

The Dissatisfaction Form (notice that they don’t use the word “complaint”?) is only 2 pages long, but patients can attach extra pages if there’s not enough room in the form. There definitely wasn’t enough room for me; I added 9 pages – typed and single-spaced! – of additional notes as part of my complaint.

And, to be clear, I’m not doing this for me; there’s no reward or reimbursement for doing this – no money involved. I submitted the complaint, and will see it through, in the hope of preventing the same thing from happening to any other patient(s). My field, the work about which I’m passionate, is biomedical ethics (bioethics); protecting patients’ rights. For me, this is a truly personal opportunity to make a difference for future patients…


A few people have asked why I haven’t named the hospital, or the specialist, involved in my complaint. First off, I’ve had many other experiences at this hospital which were positive. I don’t want to give the hospital a bad name over one specific situation. And I’m hoping that my complaint will be taken seriously. If it isn’t, then I’ll consider including the hospital’s name in my posts. As for the specialist’s name, I’m also waiting for the outcome of the complaint or patient ‘dissatisfaction’ process. Drop back by the blog for updates…


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