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Posted by on Dec 28, 2018 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Falling ice (28.12.2018)

Falling ice (28.12.2018)

My husband had to go to work today – yes, despite still having the flu! – for the fiscal/financial year-end where he works. And even though his office is technically closed for the holidays.

That’s what happens, for lots of folks who work in accounting or finance, when a company switches to a December 31st year-end; they have to work during the holidays, even when their colleagues get to spend extra time with their loved ones.

There will only be a few other people at his office today, and he promised me that he’d post ‘warning signs’ for anyone wandering into his work area:

“Stay away or risk catching the flu… and then spreading it to your loved ones!!!”

I’d planned to spend this morning at my gym, to be around lots of people; many of whom I’ve known for 20 years or more. To follow my doctor’s suggestion, when he put my on medical leave a week ago – for 2 months.

Instead I’m using our stationary bike, alone at home. For 2 different reasons. First off, although I’ve been very careful not to catch it from my husband, I might already have the flu and be contagious.

Even 24 hours before I start having any symptoms. And I don’t want to give the flu to any of my gym buddies, or even to strangers there! There are a few folks I know there who babysit their infant grandkids, on an almost-daily basis.

At least 2 other gym ‘regulars’ are doing rehabilitation exercise after heart attacks. Another, that I talk with often, is undergoing chemotherapy. And there are several nurses and others working in hospitals and healthcare.

So I’m – sadly for me – staying away from my gym. Until I’m well past the incubation period, from when we realized that my husband had the flu and I started being super-careful not to catch it.

The second reason I’m not at the gym today is because the sky is falling. Okay, not really, but it kind of feels that way to me! We have freezing rain today; rain that instantly turns to ice when it lands.

A car window covered in ice from freezing rain

Photo & image: Sandra Woods

Freezing rain turns home entrances and streets into danger zones  making them extremely slippery. And it costs everything with layers of slick, very hard, ice. Like this car window.

Falling on this type of slick, smooth ice is how I broke my arm in March 2016. That fracture triggered the nasty rare disease that I’m still dealing with now; CRPS. The reason I’m on medical leave.

So I now have a very healthy reflex when I see freezing rain – I avoid it! So despite my doctors’ suggestions that I go out to my gym every day, when I’d otherwise be alone at home, here I am – alone at home!

But I’m still spending the morning exercising, because it’s an important part of my symptom management. And answering comments & blogging: on my phone, using one hand, while working up a sweat on the bike!

And using up my allotted hour of “phone time”… of the 2 non-consecutive hours I’m supposed to stay under, each day. And no computer time. I’ll blog another day, about what I’m doing instead!

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