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Posted by on Dec 13, 2018 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Infusio-nerves (13.12.2018)

Infusio-nerves (13.12.2018)

Tomorrow I’ll be back at a large university-hospital centre again, at their multi-disciplinary pain management unit. I’ve been a patient there since the autumn of 2016, and we’ve tried several treatments so far – but none have worked well for me.

One of the issues, with my rare neuro-inflammatory & autoimmune disease, is that it causes many different types of pain. There’s neuropathic (nerve) pain – rated by physicians as worse than both childbirth and kidney stones. And joint pain, and…

It even causes skin pain, called allodynia. All in all, I have 7 types of pain from this condition. The pain levels vary, and change throughout each day & night.

So the goal of my pain management unit is to get all these types of pain down to tolerable levels. Because these days, I’m throwing up at work – from pain – at least once a day.

It’s really not a great way to work, or to live, feeling that you’re always on the verge of vomiting from pain. Or fainting; but so far that’s only happened when someone bumped into my hand, or inadvertently touched it.

Tomorrow I’ll be back at the pain unit for the third in a series of new treatments; full-body infusions of anaesthetic. These infusions always make me nervous, so I created the word “infusio-nerves”!

Wish me luck tomorrow , -)

a female patient, with an infusion, electrodes, and a blood pressure cuff

Photo: Sandra Woods

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