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Posted by on May 5, 2018 in Bioethics, CRPS / RSD, Patient privacy | 0 comments

It’s “Tweepday” tomorrow (05.05.2018)

It’s “Tweepday” tomorrow (05.05.2018)

Ever since I joined the Twitter micro-blogging community, years ago, I’ve been participating in a few weekly chats there. These are called tweetchats or Twitter chats, and usually have 3 or 4 questions which are discussed – using tweets – during an hour. I’ve gotten to know many people well through these weekly chats, and folks in the “Twitterverse” call these on-line friends ‘tweeps’; a combination of ‘peeps’ for ‘people’, and ‘tweet” for Twitter.

Although many of the tweetchats I’ve joined have arranged in-real-life (“IRL”) meet-ups, at conferences & other gatherings, there’s never been one in my area. So I was very happy when a tweep from Australia mentioned that he’d be visiting my area for a couple of days, and was wondering whether anyone here would like to meet up “IRL”.

And tomorrow morning my husband & I will be having breakfast with my tweep & his friend. We’ll be taking them to a cool – and historic – café in the Old Montréal area, so check back for some photos tomorrow!

What’s amazing is that I can’t even remember on which chat we first ‘met’! The first tweetchat I joined was on Monday evenings – about bioethics; my passion & my career. The host – or moderator – was based in the US, and the regular weekly members were from Australia, Canada, Europe, the US, and other countries.

It’s on hiatus now, because the founder, host, and moderator is starting work as a new physician. She began the chat as a medical student, and will hopefully get back to it once her career has gotten underway. She created the image that I’ve chosen for this post, for a #bioethx tweetchat in 2015.

Faces of some of the women working in bioethics in 2015, via #bioethx tweetchat

Image: #bioethx Twitter chat moderator, Jennifer Chevinsky 08 Mar 2015

The next tweetchat I joined is still active, meeting virtually (on-line) every Tuesday evening. We talk about healthcare, more specifically about how to improve it! The #hcldr chat looks at healthcare from the patients’ perspective – how can their lives be improved?

Many of the regular participants are physicians, nurses, and others working in health, policy, and research. There are also plenty of patients & caregivers, and quite a few people who’re interested in or involved with technologies that could improve healthcare.

The third tweetchat I joined takes place on Saturday mornings, at either 0800 or 0900 – depending on our North American time changes. That’s Friday night in the Philippines. #HealthXPh is run by several physicians based there, but has a truly global reach. Regular participants hail from not only the Philippines, but also from other countries including Australia, Europe, and North America.

Because it’s on Saturday mornings, I don’t join in on this one every week; especially during Montréal’s relatively short cycling season. I’d much rather be out on my bike than sitting in front of a screen! During the winter months I often join in from the saddle – of a stationary bike!

And when I’m not driving, working, or having dinner with family or friends early on a Wednesday evening, I’ll join the #IrishMed chat. For over a year I was a regular participant, while I waited for my physiotherapy treatments to begin. (I used to have physiotherapy sessions 3 times a week for CRPS/RSD, but at $90 per session – out of pocket – I had to cut that down to twice a week last year!)

This breakfast tomorrow is proof that the on-line connections we make, through regular participation in tweetchats, can lead to real-life connections. And I’m really looking forward to that!

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