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Posted by on Jul 2, 2018 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Owl or nothing (02.07.2018)

Owl or nothing (02.07.2018)

A while back a friend gave me a cute little gift; a plastic box made to look like an owl. It’s shaped like an owl, and the clips to hold it closed are even shaped like little wings. She’d picked it up for me because I really like owls. That started back when I was studying for my first degree, in philosophy; owls were kind of my personal symbol. Like the wise owl, wearing glasses, that you might see in a comic strip ‘-)

Like with so many cute little gifts, though, I just didn’t know what to do with it. It was too narrow to hold most of the things I’d want to store in a pretty container, and there was a built-in divider making the 2 inner compartments even smaller. So I’d left this owl container standing on my kitchen counter for a few weeks – just because it makes me smile.

Last night I brought each of my multiple bottles & boxes of night-time CRPS & chronic pain medications into the kitchen, so I could take them all before bed. I opened each package, took out the correct amount of pills from each one, and lined up all the pills on the kitchen counter. I do this every night, lining up the pills before I take them –  one right after the other with a glass of water. That’s to make sure I don’t take too many or too little of any of them.

Then I closed the bottles & boxes, and carried them into another room. Using only one hand, because the other one’s affected by a nasty neuro-inflammatory disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). I don’t like leaving ugly pill containers lying around. It’s not as though any of my medications are addictive or likely to be stolen, and we don’t have kids in the house, I just find them ugly.

By the time I got back to the kitchen last night, one of the pills had rolled off the counter. So I spent a few minutes searching for a small pale pill on a pale floor. At bedtime, when I really just wanted to go to sleep. When I finally found it, I put that little pill onto my new owl box so it wouldn’t roll away again. And then I had a brilliant idea…

A plastic owl-shaped container, holding medication bottles and boxes

Photo: Sandra Woods

Why not store all of my nighttime medications in that cute little owl box? One part of the owl design is ridged, so I could line my pills up there to stop them from rolling away while I prepare my glass of water.

But wait – would all these bottles & boxes of medications fit into this owl box? They did, and it’s perfect! I now have all of these individual packages together in one place, out of the sun (as per the instructions on one of the boxes), in a container that literally makes me smile each time I see it.

Best of all = The little owl on this package has its eyes closed, so it looks as though it’s sleeping. So it’s really a perfect place to keep all my nighttime medications.

So it turned out to be a really useful gift after all. And cute, too ‘-)

Thanks SL! Anything that can bring a smile, with this insidious disease, is a very good thing to have!

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