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Posted by on Oct 31, 2017 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

The witching hour (31.10.2017)

The witching hour (31.10.2017)

If you haven’t figured it out from the past couple of posts (Halloween decorations & Halloween cupcakes), I adore Halloween! Each year I decorate my home and entrance, to give kids a bit of a scare. And I wear a scary costume to give out treats to the kids who come to our door.

My disguise, to open the door to trick-or-treaters, is usually a witch or a zombie; I’ve gotten very good at doing my witch – and zombie – make-up over the years. So good, in fact, that it’s a running joke in my family that it takes me longer to put on my regular make-up than it does to do the witch face!

And most years I’ll wear a costume to work as well, although I take into account what I’ll be doing at the office on Halloween in any given year. Last year there was no way that I could do any costume make-up, because of the rare neuro-inflammatory disease affecting my right (dominant) hand and arm. So I wore my green M&Ms costume to the office – with a bright green wig – and threw together a costume of ‘person being attacked by a giant spider’ to give out treats at home.

This year I decided to wear my witch costume to work, as well as at home, but had a really tough time doing the make-up. My hand’s still affected by this rare disease, so doing ordinary things is still often a struggle. Folks at the office loved the costume; many didn’t recognize me, with the make-up and a long black-haired wig. But it wasn’t as good a job as I’d usually do with the witch make-up; like so many other things since I’ve had CRPS, I had to give up about halfway through.

On the positive side, I scared a few of the kids who came to our door tonight – and that’s the most important part of Halloween for me!

Image a plastic spider being sewn onto a witch costume

Photo: Sandra Woods

This photo’s of the curved upholstery needle I used, with my left (‘wrong’!) hand, to sew some new glowing spiders onto the old home-made (back when I could still sew, prior to CRPS) black skirt of my witch costume.

And more positive Halloween news this year – my husband re-used my home-made ‘person being attacked by a spider costume’ from last year, and came in second in his office’s Halloween costume contest. He also scared a few people – even some adults!  ‘-)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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