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Posted by on Sep 3, 2016 in CRPS / RSD | 0 comments

Top 10 ‘little things’ I miss (03.09.2016)

Top 10 ‘little things’ I miss (03.09.2016)

It’s been 6 months since I broke my arm (a snapped radius, or Colles’ fracture), triggering a rare disease which limits the use of my right hand and arm; from the fingertips to above the wrist. It also causes excruciating pain. And, of course, I’m right-handed.

Everyone loves Top 10 lists, so I’ve decided to mark these past 6 months with my own version; the Top 10 ‘little things’ I miss, since this pesky rare and chronic disease added itself to my life:

10. Using both hands to tie my shoes (or maybe just not tying them like a 5-year old!), and doing up zippers on jackets and other clothing by myself

9. Flossing my teeth with real dental floss, instead of dental picks

8. Wearing bracelets and rings, that have sentimental value, on my right arm and hand

7. Using a knife and fork to eat; being able to cut up my own food

6. Washing my face and hair with both hands, putting on make-up with my usual hand

5. Handwriting. I can’t hold a pen, but luckily I can still use a keyboard or the keypad on a phone!

4. Holding a sandwich, slice of pizza, hot dog, or other food with both hands

3. Shaking hands with people

2. Taking photos – even with my phone – with both hands

1. Not being afraid to be around other people, in case someone bumps or touches my hand or arm (in which case I’d either faint or throw up on them…)

photo from a rock concert, by the band Muse

Photo: Sandra Woods

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