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Welcome to BioethiCanada!

This blog started in 2007, about bioethics (medical ethics). Back then, I’d often hear: “What’s a blob?” Big data & genetic medicine were just starting out, so I added a privacy section to the blog.

Then, in 2016, I was diagnosed with a rare disease. My immediate reaction was to start searching for information about it. I also connected on-line with other people struggling with rare diseases; many of them asked me to share the information I was able to find. Because of my bioethics background, I have access to some resources that aren’t available to the public. So the rare disease section of the blog was born…

Photos & thanks

Most photos on the blog are mine (protected by Canadian copyright); a few others are via Please credit the photographer if you use any of these photos – I have!   ‘-)

Time gaps between posts are because I’m rebuilding the blog, after the host went out of business suddenly. I’m re-posting old items as I find them, with the original dates.

My sister re-registered the URL & set up this new blog site for me – Thanks Val!  Whether you visit for bioethics, privacy, or rare disease, I hope you enjoy the blog  ‘-)

Neither this blog nor other social media that I use are in any way linked to – or reflective of – any of my employers. All opinions expressed are my own, unless attributed!

Funny photo of a skeleton looking at an x-ray image

Photo: Brandon Morgan

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